Team O: what a year!

Finally, they’re in one roof. After being apprised of their exciting activities by Bridges PR, we were really excited to meet the affable members of Oishi’s Team O together. In this photo: (from left) Tim Yap, RockEd’s Gang Badoy, Slater Young, comedian Ramon Bautista and Elmo Magalona.


The event where we met them also served as Team O’s advanced Christmas party (so lucky of me to win an iPod Touch in the raffle, eh heh).My blogger-friends and I have more photos with them after the jump:

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Elmo Magalona & Tim Yap ride chopper for Oishi

It was a marketing campaign like no other. But Elmo Magalona and Tim Yap of Team O did ride a chopper to treat some residents of Malolos, Bulacan to a different kind of high. And that’s by being high up in the air themselves, in a helicopter no less, to launch a seeming downpour of Oishi goodies to the people below. Take a look:

Oishi chopper shower

Elmo & Tim before takeoff. Am impressed. You couldn’t let me ride a chopper like this :)

Tim & Elmo

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Elmo Magalona for Oishi’s O, Wow! campaign

This is for the young, and the young at heart (like me, lol). 17-year old Elmo Magalona, the sixth of eight children of the late master rapper Francis M and Pia Magalona, has just been signed up as the celebrity endorser of Oishi’s O, Wow! campaign.

Elmo Magalona

Elmo Magalona for Oishi

We love Oishi. Blogging right now while eating this chichirya called Baked Porky Popps… do try, this is definitely better (and cheaper) than chicharon! :D

Going back to Elmo, his appearance is a cross between his mom and dad although it’s elating to hear that he’s taking after the footsteps of the legendary FrancisM. Not only does Elmo rap like his father, he writes his own songs too.

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