Greek cooking class by Chef Robby Goco at The Maya Kitchen: priceless!

…. and so it came to pass that the Greek cooking class by chef-patron Robby Goco that I attended two Saturdays ago at The Maya Kitchen was the best one I’ve had this year! Chef Robby’s kitchen anecdotes were simply too engaging and the recipes he shared too absorbing that even a toilet break was a luxury.He really should teach more cooking classes, and attending his cooking class is a must if you’re a fan of his Greek restaurant chain Cyma or that great burger house Charlie’s Grind & Grill!

Chef Robby Goco

The good thing with this chef: he shares as much as he can what he knows about his recipes as he believes most of the stuff can be accessed these days on the internet anyway. He also taught us that freshness and quality are precious hallmarks of Greek cooking or any other cuisine. You don’t need MSG if you use the right ingredients or employ the right technique, and more so if your produce is fresh.

Admittedly, am a fan of Greek food and it’s nice to know how it was demystified in this class. For example, I was finally able to get over my trepidation of handling filo pastry after our lessons and made my own spanakopita, the Greek savory pastry with spinach and feta. It’s my new-found alternative to lumpia! :D


The baklava is another tasty Greek pastry but a bit more laborious to make as you have to ground different kinds of nuts and layer a lot of the filo. But I have to say this is one of my favorite snack or dessert to try and I always love pairing this with coffee.


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