Intelligence testing thru fingerprints by Encycligent

As a mom, it’s quite a daunting task to raise kids who differ from each other – not only in terms of interests – but also in their personalities and temperament. If they were all the same, what a perfect world this would be! Unfortunately, this is not what nature intended. People are different from each other, even if they’re related in blood or belong to the same direct family line. The challenge of parenthood, in my case, has always been to understand my children’s uniqueness and to deal with their differences.

People have a variety of approaches on coping with life, how they learn in the academe and in the so-called school of hard knocks. As a mom, I describe my parenting style as “cool,” to say the least. I put no pressure on my kids to top their classes in school (even though I was an honor student myself). As I’ve written before, it’s just important that they develop the discipline for learning, human relations & street smarts to cope with whatever life deals them later on.

But surely there’s a scientific basis for the diversity in human character and behavior? There are actually many schools of thought on this matter. Most recently, I was glad to be acquainted with dermatoglyphics or the science of fingerprints. Dr. Harold Cummins coined the term in 1926 from the Greek words derma (skin) and glyphe (carve). Because fingerprints are unique to each individual, they have been scientifically proven as a valid method for identifying people (like criminals) and can even detect genetic disorders in newborn babies.

From the study of fingerprints comes now their link in tapping the innate talents and intellectual capability of a person. Inspired by Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory on Multiple Intelligences and Professor Roger W. Sperry’s Nobel Prize-winning research on the left and right brain functions, Taiwanese Professor Lin came up with the Dermatoglyph Multiple Intelligence Test or DMIT.

16 Multiple

DMIT is a patented scientific system to determine an individual’s 16 Multiple Intelligences based on genetics, embryology, neuroscience, and dermatoglyphics. Dr. Lin stated that each of our 10 fingers coincide with our Multiple Intelligence and our inborn talents and skills. If the fingerprints of a person are captured accurately and analyzed correctly, each of the 10 inborn Multiple Intelligence can be unlocked and focused on for the betterment of the person.

I have to admit that my interest was piqued 100% when the whole concept was explained to me by Rosana Sy, president of Encycligent Inc., the company which has brought DMIT to the Philippines.

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