Make-up class with Artistry’s Victor Ortega

Last weekend, I was up early for one class I didn’t want to miss – make-up lessons with Victor Ortega of Artistry, the high-end make-up brand of Amway. Prior to this event, I’ve been canvassing make-up schools in Manila, more out of interest than anything else. Am not about to open a beauty salon soon, but it is one thing I really want to learn.

Even though I hardly use make-up myself, except for the reliable lipstick, I do believe that it goes a long way in enhancing one’s looks and aura. We should approach it like art, and used wrongly, it can make us look like zombies, hehe.

Artistry make-up class with Victor Ortega

Thankfully, Mr. Ortega is a proponent of the “natural look,” and this has made him popular in these parts (plugging:he has his own eponymous salons in Boracay).

For our class, he taught about how to do daytime make-up and transforming it with a few touches for the night. I caught a few precious lessons along the way.
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