Nancy Castiglione, Hayden Kho & Vicky Belo

It’s a quiet Saturday and I was wondering why there were searches for Nancy Castiglione in this blog. All I remember was taking a picture of her with her son in the 2010 Pampers Babylimpics.I thought she did well making her son eat a fruit like that.

Nancy Castiglione @ Pampers Babylimpics

Suddenly, I felt the need to Google her and it looks like there’s a brewing issue with no less than the Philippines’ foremost celebrity doctor, Vicki Belo, tweeting this. She sounded jealous.

Belo tweet

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Celebrity moms at Pampers Babylimpics

It was definitely the mommy event of the season. Star-spotting at the Pampers Celebrity Babylimpics featuring the still svelte celebrity moms and their lovable kids.

There was Vina Morales and her one and a half year old daughter Ceana –

Vina Morales @ Pampers Babylimpics

Aubrey Miles and her two-year old son Hunter, by Troy Montero

Aubrey Miles @ Pampers Babylimpics

Cheska Garcia-Kramer and daughter Kendra


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