China visa requirements

Great Wall of China

As always, the hassle with travelling is getting a visitor visa, especially for countries which require them. It seems I’ve been applying for lots of visas recently starting with Taipei last year, to China and our forthcoming trip to Japan. I always have to make a checklist because completing visa requirements isn’t easy, and if you don’t organize your list well, the task looks daunting.

The requirements for China visa look the same as the one listed by the other embassies, except for one. If you’re a first time visitor, you have to get an NBI Clearance for Travel Abroad. Note: I already travelled before to Zhuhai, China ( a special economic zone near Macau) but this isn’t counted. I still had to get an NBI clearance because am considered a first-timer to the mainland.

Am surprised to hear from a few travel agents how the Chinese Embassy has become stricter, even in the granting of visitor visas. If you’re a Filipino planning to visit mainland China for the first time, this list of requirements might prove helpful:

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