100 Revolving Restaurant by Chef Jessie

100 Revolving Restaurant – located in the 33rd floor of MDC Building along C5 just a little after the turn towards Eastwood City – is the only one of its kind in the Philippines at the moment. Boasting of a space of about 1500 square meters, it is also the biggest.

Breathtaking is the word. I’ve been all over town but I couldn’t help but gasp an “ooh” and “aah” when I saw the view through this resto’s floor-to-ceiling glass windows. A daytime visit is recommended to better appreciate the sight. One can even see the Sierra Madre mountain range and the hills of Antipolo nearby.

100 Revolving

100 Revolving Restaurant

There are three things why this new place is a must-visit: the view, the revolving resto novelty concept and the food of one of the country’s premier fine dining chefs, Jessie Sincioco.

100 Revolving

This large restaurant has a circumferential design that revolves 360 degrees in approximately two hours. The movement is really hardly felt, though it might get uncomfortable for those who have a phobia for earthquakes for example :) The revolving area has the best window views, but for those who dislike the movement, they can opt to go to the inner part of the resto.

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