Shalani Soledad & Roman Romulo wedding: the initial details

The Shalani Soledad-Roman Romulo wedding finally has a wedding date, and it’s coming sooner than expected. Here are the initial details:

When: January 22, 2012

Where: St. Benedict Church in Ayala Westgrove Heights

We’ve found this pic of the inside of the very modern village church where Shalani will make her bridal walk (photo credit: Quite uncharacteristic, if we might say, but in line with the couple’s wish to have a small, simple wedding.

St. Benedict Church

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Shalani Soledad in ‘blah’ cover for Preview, May 2011

Shalani in Preview

I got hold (rather belatedly) of Preview magazine’s latest issue with Shalani Soledad on the cover.Preview is one of my fave mags from Summit, aside from Yummy, and I always try to buy every month. Shalani, on the other hand, is one of the most searched terms on this blog. It’s no wonder then that she emerged No. 1 in Google Philippines’ list of 20 Most Influential Women last year, edging out the likes of Kris Aquino & Ruffa Gutierrez.

But I just have to say this cover is so unappealing and doesn’t do the popular cover girl justice. Maybe Shalani erred in entering a territory that’s really biased in favor of Liz Uy? The Preview people couldn’t even resist putting a tagline that SS was “styled by Liz Uy.” A demolition job, more like it :D

One commenter in said: ” summer na summer balot na balot na naman sya sobrang manang naman.”

But the truth is, Shalani didn’t have a hand in choosing the clothes and admitted they were not something she would wear in her daily life. Why then did you wear it Shalani? Stop for a moment and look at your face in the mag cover. It’s as white as your vest!

If the Preview people were aiming for a Goth – kabuki – feral look, it’s not getting on to me, or to you for that matter. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing floor-length black skirt over much-overused animal prints in a background of pink flowers. Definitely, the white vest has to go too! The whole concept is disjointed for me to understand. I’d rather vote for the cover pic that didn’t make it:

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Shalani Soledad on Willing Willie

The news about Shalani Soledad joining Willing Willie as a co-host hogged my Facebook wall yesterday, and my friends seem to be divided on the issue. “Go girl!!” cried the fans. “Kadiri naman!,” chorused the others.

Methinks it’s a calculated move by the popular councilor from Valenzuela City, and whether it’s meant to spite the President is something we can only guess. After being “discovered” by P-Noy, Shalani appears to be testing the waters on whether she can stand on her own two feet…. with somebody on the opposite side of the political spectrum at that. And this is exactly the reason why am lifting my self-imposed ban on nonsensical TV shows to watch the Willie Revillame show on TV5 tonight. I wanna know the answers to the following questions:

1. How will Shalani stand up to a veteran like Willie Revillame? surely, we’ll be able to tell if she’s eloquent or if there’s something between her ears

2. Is there a future for her in showbiz? if so, will she be able to give her ex future sis-in-law Kris Aquino a run for her money?

Shown in photo is the previously unpublished pic of Shalani beside her real father, Adi Aguirre, during the latter’s birthday held at a Pasay City restaurant. (via Facebook)

Shalani Soledad

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Shalani Soledad: no lovechild

I have to admit I was saddened when the news about President Noy and Shalani’s romantic split broke out. What could have happened? I was really rooting for Shalani Soledad as a very fitting First Lady, even though that’s like asking for the moon ( you know how bachelor types are!) The girl simply has HUGE mass appeal. And she did campaign hard for the President. In fact, it was during one of her interviews during the campaign that gave us an insight into how good a man he is and convinced me that he’s the right candidate to lead the nation.

Sigh, sigh, sigh. If the President broke up with Shalani because of the influence of people within his circle, it was quite ill-advised. I just think that no socialite, yuppie or some other person that the President will date in the future will come close to the appeal and charisma of the lady councilor from Valenzuela. Just saying :D

However, I just grabbed the latest copy of YES Magazine November 2010 issue and it tells a different story. Did Shalani take P-Noy for granted all along??? YES tells of a previous interview that Kris Aquino had with Showbiz News Ngayon (SNN) where the irrepressible presidential sister heard her only brother pouring his heart out to elder sister Ballsy while they were in the hospital during the late President Cory’s cancer treatment.

“Kris recounted that she pretended to be asleep so she could eavesdrop. And that was how she learned that Noy was unhappy, she said in Kris-speak, about Shalani being forever late, taking forever to return his calls, and just forever not treating him more affectionately,” says YES Magazine.

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Barby Paragas, not Barbie Palagos: Pnoy’s mystery date?

Barby Paragas

It was Barby Paragas (not Barbie Palagos) which President Noy (P-noy) , the country’s most eligible bachelor, dated last Saturday at the Nuvo Restaurant in Greenbelt, Makati City. The mystery date became fodder of much speculation because it came on the heels of a rumored split between the President and his girlfriend of two years, lovely Councilor Shalani Soledad of Valenzuela City.

Insiders said the 31-year old Barby is as pretty as Shalani. If she is the same Barby Paragas that shows up in an internet search of the professional network LinkedIn, indications are she is very brainy as well.

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Noynoy & Shalani break-up rumor hounds cyberspace

Have they, or have they not broken up? Seems the truth is hard to find out at this point in time. The bachelor president has told the media that he wants the little that’s left of his privacy for himself.

Break-up rumors have hounded the two since the start of P-noy’s presidency. Perhaps, it’s people putting two and two together: how can a very busy President have time for his girlfriend? Or blame it on some people who have agendas of their own. Some girls probably don’t want the country’s most eligible bachelor to end up with Shalani :D

Take for example the Facebook account Love Destroyed. Looks like this account was set up for some purpose. It now links Councilor Shalani with her city Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian of Valenzuela City. It will be recalled that the good Mayor (also a bachelor) went out with actress Pauleen Luna.

Shalani Soledad

” ilang insiders sa valenzuela lgu ang nakakapansin na masyado nang sweet si konsehala shalani soledad at erwin gatchalian.pag nagtutungo ang daw ang binatang pulitiko sa upisina ni konsehala ay siya pa mismo ang personal na nagtitimpla ng kape ni gatchalian.break na nga ba si konsehala at si Noy?,” says Love Destroyed in his Facebook entry dated October 7.

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Shalani Soledad covers People Asia magazine

Shalani Soledad on People Asia

Unsolicited plug: Shalani Soledad is the cover girl of People Asia‘s August 2010 issue. It is a magazine I never bought, if only because they could do better to improve the lay-out and the articles. At P180, it is also more expensive than my favorite mags Metro & Preview :D But I guess with Shalani, otherwise known as President Noy’s girlfriend, curiosity gets the better of me. I want to know what her views are on “marriage and motherhood,” as the magazine teaser on the cover promised.

But first things first. I had to do a double take on whether that was really HER on the cover. Shalani looks different. I don’t know whether it’s the make-up or Adobe Photoshop. Either of the two didn’t bring out her best image, it seems. I’d be curious to know from People Asia editors which photo from the stack they were choosing for the cover didn’t make it. Am sure there was a better one. Tsk tsk. The ever-smiling Shalani wasn’t smiling on the cover… and not even a Mona Lisa smile. It was kinda sad seeing her having a blank expression. Secondly, what’s with graphic artists and Photoshop anyway? If the person is naturally beautiful, I think it’s a crime to do it. And the crime is akin to putting Botox on an 18-year old like Charice.
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President Noynoy (P-Noy) and the growing anti- wang wang movement

No to wang wang

Shalani Soledad on the origins of President Noynoy’s ‘no wang wang policy,’ in this Manila Bulletin interview before the May 10 2010 elections:

” I have to tell you this. Si Noy, after Senate hours, ayaw na niyang ginagamit ‘yung plaka nung senator. Pinapatanggal na niya ‘yun. Kahit past 12 na or one, ayaw niya ‘yung nagse-swerve. Dun ka lang sa proper lane mo. At kahit na one o’ clock in the morning na ‘yan, kapag naka-stop ‘yan, kahit wala kang ibang kasabay, you should follow traffic rules and regulations.”

No wonder, a policy against the use of blinkers and wang wang was one of P-noy’s first acts as the President. While I agree that his failure to avail of his privilege to use a wang wang can be a serious security issue, It should be a problem to be solved by his security men. Perhaps they can clear the road ahead of his arrival? What I am saying is that the President’s move is enjoying too much popularity for him to stop. And stopping his non-use of wang wang at this point in time will be a case of too much, too soon. President Noynoy should continue suffering in Manila’s traffic, if only to shame road abusers and demonstrate that there is equal opportunity for all in our streets, an opportunity that has long been abused by those in power.
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Shalani Soledad to wear Rajo Laurel gown at President Noy’s inauguration

Shalani Soledad

Photo via Rajo Laurel on Twitter

Valenzuela City Councilor Shalani Soledad will wear a yellow gown made by leading designer Rajo Laurel during the historic inauguration of her boyfriend Noynoy Aquino on June 30, 2010.

We caught on Twitter this picture of Shalani fitting the gown, presumably in Rajo Laurel’s Makati atelier. Fans were quick to say she looks lovely in the gown, which is really a terno, a Filipino costume popularized by former First Lady Imelda Marcos. The color of choice is of course yellow. Even while being Noynoy’s girlfriend, Shalani is known to have been one of the tireless supporters of the Noynoy campaign.
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Shalani Soledad interview with Kris Aquino on The Buzz: let’s wait and see what happens next

I missed seeing The Buzz last Sunday where Kris Aquino interviewed President-to-be Noynoy Aquino’s girlfriend of almost two years, Shalani Soledad. Thank God for Youtube we were able to see it. The full transcript of the interview is also on the ABS-CBN website and Barrio Siete.

Their love story has been likened to that of John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline (Jackie) Bouvier. Like Noynoy and Shalani, he was also a senator and she was a reporter when they first met. We’re closely watching developments on their story. After all, by becoming President of the Philippines, he now becomes the most eligible bachelor in the country. Will his friendship with Shalani (who is 20 years his junior) end up at the altar, or will he stay single all his life?
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