Greenwich Pizza Thins: a must-taste!

’twas one great party that Greenwich Pizza hosted last month to launch their exciting new product called Greenwich Pizza Thins! Trust us when we say that this new offering from Greenwich is a must-try & a must-taste :)

The crispy, thin crust of this pizza just wins it for me. We love that it stays firms to the bite even after it was set on the table for a long time. The base is also not oily and does not turn soggy.Of course, good pizza can only come from the freshest ingredients. A thinner crust means we can savor its tasty toppings more. And right on the dot, Greenwich offers their Pizza Thins in enticing flavors like their Signature Special, Hawaiian, Pepperoni and All Meat starting at a friendly price of only P189 for a double-size pizza.

Greenwich Pizza Thin

A highlight of the party was the presence of matinee idol and Greenwich endorser John Lloyd Cruz who happily mingled with the crowd and was even seen passing the Pizza Thins to people at his table.

JLC serving pizza

It was a major moment since it was my first time to see JLC in the flesh. His bestselling love story tandems with Bea Alonzo and Sarah Geronimo are the only Filipino movies I will line up for. So here’s how my Instagram feed read that day –

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Colgate Optic White… it works!

Solenn Heusaff for Colgate

The tall and lovely Solenn Heusaff was recently launched as the official brand ambassador and endorser of Colgate Optic White. We attended the launch event and got to take home the whole Optic White Kit of toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash. I’ve been using the toothpaste specially and I must say I feel better using this product. The teeth, possibly a little discolored from drinking too much coffee (aww!) looks whiter. Not bad for something which costs less than a hundred pesos.

Solenn herself says: “It’s important to make sure that your skin is healthy, to take care of your hair and to establish your own style. But something as simple and basic as discolored teeth can take away all the effort that women put in to their look. You know how great skin is essential to looking good with make up? The same goes with your smile. A set of healthy, white teeth is always more important than having the right shade of lipstick or the right accessories.”

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Magnum ice cream is here!

First of all, I was curious to know what Magnum was. The last time we heard, a gun and (ehrmmm…) large-sized condoms were also called Magnum. I didn’t know how hugely popular Magnum ice cream was in other countries. Hubby said he ate it in Iraq, and so did Doc Gelo in Malaysia and Raquel in Germany.

To make a long story short, Magnum the ice cream is here… brought to us by the kind folks of Unilever Philippines. can’t tell you how HOOKED I was when I first bit into its crunchy outer topping made of the finest Belgian chocolate and then drowned in the silky, creamy goodness of its vanilla layer. Heaven in every bite for a suggested retail price of only P50.

Magnum ice cream

Available flavors are Classic, Chocolate Truffles and Almond. Everything’s good but my heart is torn between the truffles and almond. The former tastes luxurious and chocolatey while the latter has a flavor I also can’t resist. No doubt about it: Magnum is my latest indulgence. Good thing it’s so affordable too :)

Actress Rachel Bilson is the global ambassador for Magnum ice cream, and here in the Philippines, it’s the lovely Solenn Heusaff (shown here with much-slimmer Richard Raymond Gutierrez).

Solenn Heusaff & Richard Gutierrez

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Celebrities and BlackBerry

Something to scratch off my to-do list: getting to know more about BlackBerry and attending a BB how-to workshop in the past week. The BB operating system is one thing I’ve never used but it was nice to be acquainted with it, no matter how short the session. It gave me an insight on why celebrities prefer to use the BB messaging system. Voice note rocks and so does bar code scanning. BB is also deemed to be a lot cheaper. Imagine having to send MMS and email for free because BB makes communication possible with cheap data plans provided by the leading networks.

Spotted were Laureen Uy and Isabelle Daza, two lovely personalities who are also avid BlackBerry users –

Laureen Uy & Isabelle Daza

Says Isabelle, a BBM user for almost four years: “BB is all about contacting my family abroad with ease. While I was in Europe a few years back, my younger sister sent me a voice note of her singing. It made me feel better because I was missing her so much.”

Laureen says: “I’m in a BBM group with my best friends, who are bloggers, too. We would always talk and send photos to each other. I find it so amazing because it’s very useful for us when we can help each other out with blogging in such a fun and efficient way.”

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