Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Things are so fast-paced these days that saying ‘thank you’ is getting to be a luxury. I notice this when I give tips to taxi drivers or gasoline attendants, they don’t even say thank you anymore. I try to say thank you every time and not just because it’s a chore. I say this because life is short and the littlest things matter to other people. We must use our gift of speech and say things when the opportunity arises because the moment may never come again.

1. I thank God for always weaving little miracles into our lives. Like any other family, we have our up’s and downs but we are thankful to be together, to be safe, comfortable and be able to eat three meals a day. Other families aren’t so lucky and we pray for them too.

2. I gave birth to my youngest daughter Lucy, who is hale and healthy as can be. Am thankful that she’s growing up to be smart and lively (and curly-haired). Truly the light of our lives.


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