Celebrities and BlackBerry

Something to scratch off my to-do list: getting to know more about BlackBerry and attending a BB how-to workshop in the past week. The BB operating system is one thing I’ve never used but it was nice to be acquainted with it, no matter how short the session. It gave me an insight on why celebrities prefer to use the BB messaging system. Voice note rocks and so does bar code scanning. BB is also deemed to be a lot cheaper. Imagine having to send MMS and email for free because BB makes communication possible with cheap data plans provided by the leading networks.

Spotted were Laureen Uy and Isabelle Daza, two lovely personalities who are also avid BlackBerry users –

Laureen Uy & Isabelle Daza

Says Isabelle, a BBM user for almost four years: “BB is all about contacting my family abroad with ease. While I was in Europe a few years back, my younger sister sent me a voice note of her singing. It made me feel better because I was missing her so much.”

Laureen says: “I’m in a BBM group with my best friends, who are bloggers, too. We would always talk and send photos to each other. I find it so amazing because it’s very useful for us when we can help each other out with blogging in such a fun and efficient way.”

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