Family fun day with #OishiOWow

Gosh. The snack giant Oishi is almost the same age as me :) It was in 1974 when Oishi Prawn Crackers and Kirei were born. Those two bring back childhood memories but there are so many variants now. Just some of the things I love: Oishi’s Gourmet Picks Potato Chips Kimchi Flavor and Cheese-Soaked Sponge Crunch…heavenly!

To celebrate 40 years of snack food goodness, the brand held a family-type event where they invited celebrities and not-so celebrities like me (haha!) for A Day of O Wow Surprises! Venue was the Skye Lounge on the rooftop of the W Building at the Fort. Only Lucia & me went to the party because the rest of the family wasn’t available. Oh how they missed the fun!

First, there was Daniel Padilla. He was introduced as the latest Oishi Ambassador.It’s funny because my almost four year old daughter is probably the only girl in the Philippines who did not scream at the sight of Daniel. She didn’t recognize him, LOL.

So I said: “Daniel, tanggalin mo naman ang shades mo.”
He said: “Kulang sa tulog tita.” (‘tita’ daw o!)
Gee, Daniel sounds nice. I like him already :)

With Daniel

Lucy with Daniel Padilla

It was the absolute kid-friendly event. My daughter was uber-delighted being immersed in the play booths.

Lucia #nofilter

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Win this Oishi giant pack from #TeamO !

Just imagine, a four feet tall Oishi giant pack filled with all sorts of snack goodies. Again, we’re sure you want one for the whole family to enjoy! :)

Oishi giant pack

All we want from joiners is to share this cool video from Team O (with Elmo Magalona, Slater Young & Ramon Bautista on board). They’re seen riding a jeep through the cool streets of Manila and surprising the students after they remove their disguise. It’s the best value on kiosks. Take a look:

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Team O: what a year!

Finally, they’re in one roof. After being apprised of their exciting activities by Bridges PR, we were really excited to meet the affable members of Oishi’s Team O together. In this photo: (from left) Tim Yap, RockEd’s Gang Badoy, Slater Young, comedian Ramon Bautista and Elmo Magalona.


The event where we met them also served as Team O’s advanced Christmas party (so lucky of me to win an iPod Touch in the raffle, eh heh).My blogger-friends and I have more photos with them after the jump:

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Elmo Magalona & Tim Yap ride chopper for Oishi

It was a marketing campaign like no other. But Elmo Magalona and Tim Yap of Team O did ride a chopper to treat some residents of Malolos, Bulacan to a different kind of high. And that’s by being high up in the air themselves, in a helicopter no less, to launch a seeming downpour of Oishi goodies to the people below. Take a look:

Oishi chopper shower

Elmo & Tim before takeoff. Am impressed. You couldn’t let me ride a chopper like this :)

Tim & Elmo

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