Amazing space-saving rooms with ErgoHome!

Design inspirations

ErgoHome tatami room

Condos are being built with the blink of an eye, not just in Manila but in other Philippine cities as well. With structures rising vertically instead of horizontally, living spaces are becoming smaller. Unfortunately, prices are also becoming more expensive with every limited square meter. Urban dwellers are literally living in a box these days and obviously this calls for…

Our Easter stay at Privato Hotel & a review

Hotel review Places Etc. Road Adventures

Privato Hotel lobby

We normally don’t go out of town during the Holy Week/Easter break. It is because I dread the diaspora of people in airports, bus terminals and highways. The strategy is to stay in a part of Manila that we have yet to discover…this is after all a big city! And so, this is how we found ourselves in Privato Hotel…

Ryan Agoncillo for Panadol

People Press Release

Ryan Agoncillo with son Lucho

If you ask his children Yohan and Lucho, Ryan Agoncillo is a Superman. That’s because he can juggle a multitude of roles – not only as a father and husband but also as an actor, host, cyclist and tri-athlete. But even Superman needs all the strength he can muster. Ryan admits that he’s just human and feels sick sometimes. For…

Hot spring resorts in Pansol, Laguna : Splash Mountain

Road Adventures

Pansol Laguna

It’s been ages since I went to Pansol, Laguna! This place is famous for being the Hot Spring Resort Capital of the Philippines and its advantage is that it’s very near Manila. One Sunday, I finally summoned the mood to drive down there since the kids always like playing in the water.Without traffic, one can reach Pansol in less than…

Fish recipe for Lent : sinanglay


Sinanglay fish recipe from Bicol

Sinanglay is a dish normally made of tilapia and pechay (leafy greens). Its origin is the Philippines’ Bicol region which is known for the spiciness of their food and using a lot of coconut milk in their dishes. Anyway, I first saw a photo of sinanglay in Appetite magazine and proceeded to recreate it in my kitchen. I couldn’t find…

Renuzit launch at Le Jardin restaurant BGC

Shopping Etc.

Renuzit air freshener

Renuzit is America’s top-selling gel air freshener and the scents are finally available in the Philippines! To celebrate its arrival, a launch event was held at Le Jardin, the beautiful French-themed penthouse restaurant of the W building on 32nd St. Bonifacio Global City. Host for the event was the ever-gregarious Ms. Tessa Prieto who matched the garden theme of the…

New products from Marshall: the legend lives on!


Marshall speakers

Any music lover will agree that Marshall is a big name when it comes to speakers and amplifiers. I was surprised to learn that some of my favorite artists/ rock groups from those glory days of the 80s to 90s (when I was still 101% hooked on music) all used Marshall. These include Oasis, Blur, Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses, Bon…

Best of Pinoy casual dining at Kuya J Restaurant


Fresh lumpia at Kuya J

Just because we now have all sorts of foreign food chains around doesn’t mean we get to ignore our culinary roots. I feel this way sometimes: when I get ‘tongue fatigue’ from slurping on so many bowls of ramen, munching on macarons and getting a headache from eating foie gras, I yearn for good old Filipino home cooking. My particular…

I survived Fitness First #PushYourLimits!

Health & Beauty

Fitness First

There was an invite for us to attend the Push Your Limits event organized by Fitness First a few weeks ago in Bonifacio High Street. I was excited to go because I really like health-related activities, even though when it comes to going to the gym… it’s really more of a case of “the flesh is willing, but the spirit…

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