Bb. Pilipinas 2014: our final top 13 picks!

It’s that time of the year again! One or twice a year, am persuaded by my gay friends to be beauty queen-obsessed for this blog. Thanks to them, I’ve developed this radar for sensing who’s got the X-factor and possessed of those ‘winnable looks.’ It helps that for the past three years, I’ve also covered the Bb. Pilipinas pageant live at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. This year won’t be any different. Am so excited for Sunday when Bb. Pilipinas 2014 unfolds! Thanks in advance to Bb. Pilipinas Charities Inc. for our front row tickets :)

During the Cream Silk gala dinner this week at the Puerta Real Gardens in Intramuros, it was a pleasure seeing all outgoing Bb. Pilipinas titleholders. They really did the country proud by getting world beauty titles last year. From left: Bea Rose Santiago bested 71 beauties from around the world to win Miss International in Tokyo, Japan in December; Joanna Cindy Miranda finished in the Top 10 in the Miss Tourism International tilt held in China; Ariella ‘Ara’ Arida placed 3rd runner-up in Miss Universe; and Mutya Datul was proclaimed Miss Supranational in Belarus, Eastern Europe.

Bb. Pilipinas 2013 winners

In a previous post, I named the following as our strongest bets for the Bb. Pilipinas crown in 2014:

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In Seoul: NANTA show + Trickeye Museum

I was really excited to see Seoul but I did not take too many photos.That was because the temperature was -2 degrees on the weekend of my visit and of course, my hands were in thick gloves that made it cumbersome to use the camera. Being from a tropical country, I welcomed the cold weather though! It was surprisingly bearable, not the biting kind…it helps to be all dressed up for it :)

So what to do when stuck in chilly Seoul in February? Head indoors, of course. Chill in the countless coffeeshops that dot the city or visit unique attractions that doesn’t require one to complain about the crappy cold.

I loved the Myeongdong shopping area and in between, some friends and I managed to watchthe ever-popular Nanta show. No photos are allowed to be taken while the performance is going on, so I just took a pic of the busy scene at the lobby.

NANTA Theater Seoul

Nanta reminds me of slapstick comedy and it was nice to have an idea of the Korean sense of humor. It features young actors etching out the role of three cooks who have to prepare food within a set time limit. Along the way, they perform using chopping boards, ladles and even knives. Most of it is non-verbal but funny, and some parts require audience participation. Ticket price is 50,000 won per person or 2 thousand pesos.

If Nanta was funny, the Trickeye Museum was fun, fun, fun.It showcases Trompe-l’oeil art housed in a basement gallery in the university town of Hongdae. Trompe-l’oeil is a kind of technique (French in origin) that projects a 2D object (e.g. a painting) as 3D. The artworks are done by young Korean artists so most of it are cool and playful :)

Trickeye Museum Seoul


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@cathaypacific flew me to Seoul in 17 hours!

I flew to Seoul, Korea mid-February – a few weeks before the big mystery that is the missing Malaysian Airlines (MH) plane gained international attention. I was hardly pleased with Cathay Pacific that time for flying me to an Asian country after 17 hours (!!), with much waiting in between two airports. I thought I was better off going to Seoul on a stationary bike, LOL. But looking back now, it’s better to arrive very late at your destination than to NEVER arrive, ouch. Just hoping they find MH 370 soon.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay or CX is one of my favorite airlines and I just couldn’t believe they’d be close to four hours delayed on their flight from Manila to Hong Kong (the previous record was held by PAL with a delay of two hours, but PAL seems to be improving these days). I understand technical problems are unavoidable and the safety of the plane shouldn’t be compromised. Still, if you’re a passenger on a connecting flight, the long wait wreaks havoc on the whole itinerary.

In a nutshell, this is what happened to us, passengers:

11 am departure from Manila became 2:30 pm

We arrive in HK at 4:35 pm

My flight from HK to Incheon was 4:40 pm, but in this case, the CX plane didn’t wait (no matter how I thought they should have…. it was their fault anyway!)

Next flight was at 12:30 am, or an effin’ eight-hour waiting time.

What can I say… thank you Cathay Pacific for giving me this world record in my whole traveling career! :)

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Benzac forum on the causes & prevention of pimples

There was an invite from Galderma Philippines – the distributor of world-renowned pimple fighter Benzac AC – to a forum on the causes and prevention of acne. As a mom, I attended because my adolescent kids seem to be having pimple problems lately.And I knew how an outbreak can erode one’s confidence.For a youngster, a single zit can do so much in making one feel lonely, ugly and undesirable.

Benzac luncheon

Expert dermatologists shed light on some myths & facts about pimples. Here are a few of the important things we learned:

- Diet and lifestyle contribute to the prevalence of pimples. These days, it’s been noted that children as young as seven years old get acne attacks.

- Acne is caused by a few factors, among them smoking,stress, cosmetic products and excessive intake of Vitamin B12

- A diet rich in the following may aggravate acne: white bread, sugar, sweets, fastfood, dairy products and those that are high in glycemic index (list includes mashed potato, rice cakes, watermelon, white rice & instant oatmeal)

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Mexican comedy on @CinemaWorldAsia

The Boy Who Smells Like Fish (2) (Small)

Here’s something showing on Cinemaworld this Sunday, March 23, 9pm and will have a repeat on March 28 at 9:25pm:

The Boy Who Smells Like Fish centers on Mica, a seemingly normal boy – until you go near him. Mica deals with a rare disease called Trimethylaminuria, making him smell like fish. Because of this, no one wants to be his friend.

Life appears to be pointless – until Laura walks into it. Douglas Smith, who was also in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and HBO’s Big Love, plays the role of Mica, while Laura is played by Zoë Kravitz, daughter of Lenny Kravitz. She previously performed in X-Men: First Class, and the TV Series Californication.

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Blu-Ray & DVD + promo

If you’re one of the countless fans of The Hunger Games series, now’s the best time to start a collection. The second installment in the blockbuster franchise, ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ starring Academy award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is now available in the following formats:

Blu-ray (selling at a Suggested Retail Price of P1395), Limited Edition 2 Disc DVD (P795), and 2-Movie Set DVD (P995). Available in all branches of Astroplus and Astrovision and select Odyssey and O’Music & Video outlets.

Thanks to the film’s distributor C-Interactive Digital Entertainment for sending these to me over the weekend:

The Hunger Games

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Strange names in the 2013 bar exam results

And here now is our 2014 edition of strange names culled from the results of the 2013 bar exams released today, March 18:

The top 3:

1. Habeas M. Corpuz

You couldn’t get more legal than this.Can we presume that the parent of this board passer is a lawyer too? To the layman, habeas corpus is rather technical and is referred in full as the “writ of habeas corpus”. The phrase refers to the court order that allows a person under detention to be brought before a judge or court.

All we can say is: whew! What is your nickname? :)

2. Nat King C.Coles

We sure hope new lawyer Nat King Coles sings. After all, “Unforgettable” and “When I Fall in Love” are some of the greatest love songs in history.

Ok, don’t forget “Fly Me To The Moon.” I could melt with the words and the melody :)

3. Smith P. General

Arpee said now that Smith is a full-fledged lawyer, he can now be called Attorney General.Right on! hahaha

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Free Bruno Mars concert tickets via Max’s

2014 Project BM Web Ad

It may seem like a tall order but here’s your last chance to score free tickets to the Bruno Mars concert happening at the SM Mall of Asia MOA Arena on Saturday, March 22.

All-Filipino restaurant Max’s has been giving away the free tickets in its Facebook page the last few weeks in line with its role as the official restaurant of ‘The Moonshine Jungle Tour: Bruno Mars Live in Manila’ concert.

Just ‘like’ Max’s on Facebook and fill up the online entry form to win free concert tickets. Every day, one fan will be chosen to win 2 Moonshine Jungle tickets for free!

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Donate your old bras for a good cause

(Photo courtesy of my Facebook friend Atinna)

flowers in bra

If you have no use for your old brassieres, it’s time to donate them to Ciudad Medical Zamboanga’s (CMZ) Breast Wellness Center for its Bra to Raise Awareness (BRA) campaign to fight the incidence of breast cancer in the country.

The group will start to build a monumental bra art edifice on March 21 led by Zamboanga artists. They will create a huge BRA installation art to be called the Ciudad de Zamboanga BREAST (Bra to Raise Early Awareness for Screening and Treatment) Art — a 3D, sculpture-like edifice made of individual bras.

International artist Rameer Tawasil said CMZ’s BREAST Art is a form of art expression to be placed outside CMZ meant to catch the attention of the public on their breast cancer prevention advocacy.

Currently, breast cancer is the most common cancer in the Philippines and we also have the highest incidence rate in Asia. Unfortunately, survival rate in the Philippines is below 40 percent compared to the high survival rates of 80 percent to 98 percent in developed countries.

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10 years of blogging & a 2TB giveaway, Round 1

I’ve been so busy lately and I just realized earlier this month that I am celebrating 10 years of blogging in July 2014 … whew! It’s been a roller-coaster ride…so hard to juggle between being a mom, household manager, full-time employee and blogger all in one go! :) But it’s true what they say: if you love doing something, you won’t notice time passing by or even the crazy-busy environment that the Pinoy blogosphere is involved in these days.

So much has changed since 2004. I have to make my own reflections on everything that’s happened but I guess that will come in my anniversary post. In the meantime, I’ve thought of launching giveaways every month from March till July 2014 or even beyond.Celebrate all year, why not? It’s a way of sharing the bountiful blessings in this space and spreading good karma..thanks to our kind corporate friends ;)

The first round of giveaways for the month of March will be two pieces of WD Portable Storage worth at least P7,290 each, good for two winners. Smart netizens know that a back-up of your prized digital possessions is highly-recommended and you won’t have a problem with this WD device’s 2TB of storage.


It may look small, but it’s really powerful… and comes with a pouch so you can carry it anywhere you go (just don’t lose it!)

WD MyPassport Ultra Pouch With Red Drive_LowRes

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